State Key Laboratory of Cellular Stress Biology,Xiamen University
2019 selected publications
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Liu Z, Li Y, Li W, Xiao C, Liu D, Dong C, Zhang M, Makila E, Kemell M, Salonen J, Hirvonen JT, Zhang H*, Zhou D*, Deng X*, Santos HA*. Multifunctional Nanohybrid Based on Porous Silicon Nanoparticles, Gold Nanoparticles, and Acetalated Dextran for Liver Regeneration and Acute Liver Failure Theranostics. Adv Mater. 2018;30(24):e1703393.   (IF:21.95)
Chen P, Liao K, Xiao C*. MicroRNA says no to mass production. Nature immunology. 2018;19(10):1040-1042.   (IF:21.809)
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Lin SC*, Hardie DG. AMPK: Sensing Glucose as well as Cellular Energy Status. Cell metabolism. 2018;27(2):299-313.   (IF:20.565)
Lin SY, Zhang CS, Lin SC*. Carbohydrates: Not All that Bad? Cell metabolism. 2018;28(5):671-672.   (IF:20.565)
Yang Z, Wang Y, Zhang Y, He X, Zhong CQ, Ni H, Chen X, Liang Y, Wu J, Zhao S, Zhou D, Han J*. RIP3 targets pyruvate dehydrogenase complex to increase aerobic respiration in TNF-induced necroptosis. Nature cell biology. 2018;20(2):186-197.   (IF:19.064)
Cai WF, Zhang C, Wu YQ, Zhuang G, Ye Z, Zhang CS*, Lin SC*. Glutaminase GLS1 senses glutamine availability in a non-enzymatic manner triggering mitochondrial fusion. Cell research. 2018;28(8):865-867.   (IF:15.393)
Zhang Y, Chen X, Gueydan C, Han J*. Plasma membrane changes during programmed cell deaths. Cell research. 2018;28(1):9-21.   (IF:15.393)
Zhou B, Zhang JY, Liu XS, Chen HZ, Ai YL, Cheng K, Sun RY, Zhou D, Han J, Wu Q.* Tom20 senses iron-activated ROS signaling to promote melanoma cell pyroptosis. Cell research. 2018;28(12):1171-1185.   (IF:15.393)
Li XX, Wang ZJ, Zheng Y, Guan YF, Yang PB, Chen X, Peng C, He JP, Ai YL, Wu SF, Chien KY, Wu Q*, Chen HZ*. Nuclear Receptor Nur77 Facilitates Melanoma Cell Survival under Metabolic Stress by Protecting Fatty Acid Oxidation. Molecular cell. 2018;69(3):480-492 e487.   (IF:14.248)
Sun Y, Li TY, Song L, Zhang C, Li J, Lin ZZ, Lin SC, Lin SY*. Liver-specific deficiency of unc-51 like kinase 1 and 2 protects mice from acetaminophen-induced liver injury. Hepatology. 2018;67(6):2397-2413.   (IF:14.079)
He H, Jiang H, Chen Y, Ye J, Wang A, Wang C, Liu Q, Liang G, Deng X*, Jiang W*, Zhou R*. Oridonin is a covalent NLRP3 inhibitor with strong anti-inflammasome activity. Nature communications. 2018;9(1):2550.   (IF:12.353)
Li TY, Song L, Sun Y, Li J, Yi C, Lam SM, Xu D, Zhou L, Li X, Yang Y, Zhang CS, Xie C, Huang X, Shui G, Lin SY, Reue K, Lin SC*. Tip60-mediated lipin 1 acetylation and ER translocation determine triacylglycerol synthesis rate. Nature communications. 2018;9(1):1916.   (IF:12.353)
Liu M, Zeng T, Zhang X, Liu C, Wu Z, Yao L, Xie C, Xia H, Lin Q, Xie L, Zhou D, Deng X, Chan HL, Zhao TJ*, Wang HR*. ATR/Chk1 signaling induces autophagy through sumoylated RhoB-mediated lysosomal translocation of TSC2 after DNA damage. Nature communications. 2018;9(1):4139.   (IF:12.353)
Huang LH, He QS, Liu K, Cheng J, Zhong MD, Chen LS, Yao LX, Ji ZL*. ADReCS-Target: target profiles for aiding drug safety research and application. Nucleic acids research. 2018;46(D1):D911-D917.   (IF:11.561)
Gao H, Yang Z, Wang X, Qian P, Hong R, Chen X, Su XZ, Cui H, Yuan J*. ISP1-Anchored Polarization of GCbeta/CDC50A Complex Initiates Malaria Ookinete Gliding Motility. Curr Biol. 2018;28(17):2763-2776 e2766.   (IF:9.251)
He JP, Hou PP, Chen QT, Wang WJ, Sun XY, Yang PB, Li YP, Yao LM, Li X, Jiang XD, Chien KY, Zhang ZM, Wu QW, Cowin AJ, Wu Q*, Chen HZ*. Flightless-I Blocks p62-Mediated Recognition of LC3 to Impede Selective Autophagy and Promote Breast Cancer Progression. Cancer research. 2018;78(17):4853-4864.   (IF:9.13)
Ning N, Yu Y, Wu M, Zhang R, Zhang T, Zhu C, Huang L, Yun CH, Benes CH, Zhang J, Deng X*, Chen Q*, Ren R*. A Novel Microtubule Inhibitor Overcomes Multidrug Resistance in Tumors. Cancer research. 2018;78(20):5949-5957.   (IF:9.13)
Li W, Li Y, Liu Z, Kerdsakundee N, Zhang M, Zhang F, Liu X, Bauleth-Ramos T, Lian W, Makila E, Kemell M, Ding Y, Sarmento B, Wiwattanapatapee R, Salonen J, Zhang H, Hirvonen JT, Liu D*, Deng X*, Santos HA. Hierarchical structured and programmed vehicles deliver drugs locally to inflamed sites of intestine. Biomaterials. 2018;185:322-332.   (IF:8.806)
Wu T, Huang J, Wu S, Huang Z, Chen X, Liu Y, Cui D, Song G, Luo Q, Liu F, Ouyang G*. Deficiency of periostin impairs liver regeneration in mice after partial hepatectomy. Matrix biology : journal of the International Society for Matrix Biology. 2018;66:81-92.   (IF:8.136)
Qiu X, Zhang Y, Han J*. RIP3 is an upregulator of aerobic metabolism and the enhanced respiration by necrosomal RIP3 feeds back on necrosome to promote necroptosis. Cell death and differentiation. 2018;25(5):821-824.   (IF:8)
Lin LY, Yang L, Zeng Q, Wang L, Chen ML, Zhao ZH, Ye GD, Luo QC, Lv PY, Guo QW, Li BA*, Cai JC*, Cai WY*. Tumor-originated exosomal lncUEGC1 as a circulating biomarker for early-stage gastric cancer. Molecular cancer. 2018;17(1):84.   (IF:7.776)
Zhou Y, Wu J, Liu C, Guo X, Zhu X, Yao Y, Jiao Y, He P, Han J*, Wu L*. p38alpha has an important role in antigen cross-presentation by dendritic cells. Cellular & molecular immunology. 2018;15(3):246-259.   (IF:7.551)
Hong L, Li X, Zhou D, Geng J, Chen L*. Role of Hippo signaling in regulating immunity. Cellular & molecular immunology. 2018;15(12):1003-1009.   (IF:7.551)
Xie YY, Mo CL, Cai YH, Wang WJ, Hong XX, Zhang KK, Liu QF, Liu YJ, Hong JJ, He T, Zheng ZZ, Mo W, Li BA*. Pygo2 Regulates Adiposity and Glucose Homeostasis via beta-Catenin-Axin2-GSK3beta Signaling Pathway. Diabetes. 2018;67(12):2569-2584.  (IF:7.273)
Sun L, Xu X, Chen Y, Zhou Y, Tan R, Qiu H, Jin L, Zhang W, Fan R, Hong W, Wang T*. Rab34 regulates adhesion, migration, and invasion of breast cancer cells. Oncogene. 2018;37(27):3698-3714.   (IF:6.854)
Huang W, Sun X, Li Y, He Z, Li L, Deng Z, Huang X, Han S, Zhang T, Zhong J, Wang Z, Xu Q, Zhang J, Deng X*. Discovery and Identification of Small Molecules as Methuosis Inducers with in Vivo Antitumor Activities. J Med Chem. 2018;61(12):5424-5434.   (IF:6.253)
Xue Z, Wang S, Li J, Chen X*, Han J, Han S*. Bifunctional Super-resolution Imaging Probe with Acidity-Independent Lysosome-Retention Mechanism. Analytical chemistry. 2018;90(19):11393-11400.   (IF:6.042)