State Key Laboratory of Cellular Stress Biology,Xiamen University
Yamei WANG
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王亚梅副教授Yamei WANG Ph.D.

Associate Professor

TEL: +86-592-2187932


1991, Northeast Normal University,Bachelor Degree in Science;

1994, Northeast Normal University,Master Degree in Genetics;

1994-1997, Beijing Agricultural College, Teaching Genetics;

1997-2001, University of Cologne, Germany,Ph. D degree in Genetics;

2002-2006, University of Massachussets Medical School, USA, Postdoctoral reseacher;

2007- present, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University, Associate Professor.

Selected Publications

1.Wang, Y., Li, W-Z., Johnson A. E., Luo Z-Q., Sun X-L., Feoktistova A., McDonald W. H., McLeod I. , Yates III  J. R., Gould K. L., McCollum D., and Jin, Q-W. (2012) Dnt1 acts as a mitotic inhibitor of the spindle checkpoint protein dma1 in fission yeast. Mol. Biol. Cell23(17):3348-3356.

2.Li, W-Z., Yu, Z-Y., Ma, P-F., Wang, Y., Jin, Q-W. (2010) A novel role of Dma1 in regulating forespore membrane assembly and sporulation in fission yeast.Mol. Biol. Cell 21(24):4349-4360.

3.Wang, Y., Oh, S. W., Deplancke, B., Luo, J., Walhout, A. J. M., Tissenbaum H. A. (2006) C. elegans14-3-3 proteins regulate life span and interact with SIR-2.1 and DAF-16/FOXO. Mech. Ageing. Dev. 127(9): 741-747.

4.Wang, Y., Tissenbaum, H. A. (2006) Overlapping and distinct functions for a Caenorhabditis elegans SIR2 and DAF-16/FOXO. Mech. Ageing. Dev. 127(1): 48-56.

5.Roig, C., Pozzi, C., Santi, L., Muller, J., Wang, Y., Stile, M.R., Rossini, L., Stanca, M., Salamini, F. (2004) Genetics of barley hooded suppression. Genetics. 167(1): 439-448.

6.Santi, L., Wang, Y., Stile, M.R., Berendzen, K., Wanke, D., Roig, C., Pozzi, C., Müller, K., Müller, J., Rohde, W., Salamini, F. (2003) The GA octodinucleotide repeat binding factor BBR participates in the transcriptional regulation of the homeobox gene Bkn3. Plant J. 34(6): 813-826.

7.Wang, Y. (2001) Expression analyses of barley Knox homeobox genes and characterization of putative upstream regulators of BKn3 (Barely Knox 3), the Hooded gene. Dissertation, Universität zu Köln. ( /volltexte /2003/ 606/pdf/11w1177.pdf)

8.Müller, J., Wang, Y., Franzen, R., Santi, L., Salamini, F. and Rohde, W. (2001) In vitro interaction between barley TALE homeodomain proteins suggest a role of protein-protein associations in the regulation of Knox gene function. Plant J. 27(1): 13-23.