State Key Laboratory of Cellular Stress Biology,Xiamen University
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陶涛教授博导Tao TAO, Ph.D.


PI of Lab of Cell & Developmental Biology


1982-1986: BS, Dept. of Virology & Molecular Biology, Wuhan University,

1986-1989: MS, Dept. of Virology & Molecular Biology, Wuhan University,

1998-2000: Ph.D. Dept. of Pathology, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA

2001-2003: Post-doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Human Genetics, McGill University, Canada

2004-: Professor, Xiamen University School of Life Sciences

2008-2012: Vice Dean, Graduate School, Xiamen University

2013-: Executive Dean, Graduate School, Xiamen University

Selected Publications:

1.Lieu K, Shim EH, Wang JL, Lokareddy RK, Tao T, Cingolani G, Zambetti GP & Jans DA . The p53-induced factor Ei24 inhibits nuclear import through an importin β–binding–like domain. Journal of Cell Biology, 205, 301-312, 2014

2.Yuan FQ, Ma YN, You P, Lin WB, Lu HJ, Yu YH, Wang XM, Jiang J, Yang PY, Ma QL, Tao T. A novel role of proteasomal β1 subunit in tumorigenesis. Bioscience Reports, 16:33 (4), 2013

3.Ye WD, Lin WB, Tartakoff AM, Ma QL, Tao T. Nuclear import of aristaless-related homeobox protein via its NLS1 regulates its transcriptional function. Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry,381(1-2):221-2312013

4.You P, Peng Z, Wang YW and Tao T. Expression and subcellular distribution of importin 13 are regulated in brain development.In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Animal, 49(5):346-353. 2013

5.Yuan F, Lu J, You P, Yang Z, Yang P, Ma QL, Tao T. Proteomic profiling of expression of proteasomal subunits from livers of mice treated with diethylnitrosamine.Proteomics, 13:389-397, 2013

6.Xu K, Tao T, Jie J, Lu XD, Li XZ, Mehmood MA, He H, Liu Z, Xiao X, Yang J, Ma JX, Li W, Zhou YP, Liu ZG. Increased importin 13 activity is associated with the pathogenesis of pterygium.  Molecular Vision, 19:604-613, 2013

7.Ye WD, Lin WB, Tartakoff AM, Tao T. Karyopherins in nuclear transport of homeodomain proteins during development. BBA Molecular Cell Research, 1813:1654-1662, 2011.

8.You P, Ma QL, Tao T. Gene diagnosis of oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy in a Chinese family by a GeneScan method. Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, 24:1-4, 2010.

9.Tartakoff AM & Tao T. Comparative and evolutionary aspects of macromolecular translocation across membranes.  International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, 42:214-229, 2010.

10.Huang S, Chang IS,  Lin WB, Ye WD,  Luo RZ, Lu Z, Lu Y, Zhang K, Liao WS, Tao T, Bast Jr RC, Chen X, Yu Y.  ARHI (DIRAS 3), an imprinted tumor suppressor gene, binds to importins, and blocks nuclear import process of cargo proteins. Bioscience Reports, 30: 159-168, 2010.

11.Wang H, Tao T, Tang J, Mao YH, Li W, Peng J, Tan G, Zhou YP, Zhong JX, Tseng SC, Kawakita T, Zhao YX, Liu ZG.  Importin 13 serves as a potential marker for corneal epithelial progenitor cells. Stem Cells, 27: 2516-2526, 2009.

12.Lin WB, Ye WD, Cai LL, Meng XY, Ke GF, Huang CX, Peng Z, Yu YH, Golden JA, Tartakoff AM, Tao T. The roles of multiple importins for nuclear import of murine aristaless-related homeobox protein.Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284: 20428-20439, 2009.

13.Quan Y, Ji ZL, Wang X, Tartakoff AM, Tao T. Evolutionary and transcriptional analysis of karyopherin β superfamily proteins. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 7: 1254-1269, 2008.

14.Chen C, Huang CX, Chen SH, Liang J, Lin WB, Ke GF, Zhang HX, Wang B, Huang J, Han ZG, Ma LX, Huo KK, Yang XM, Yang PY, He FC, Tao T. Subunit-subunit interactions in the human 26s proteasome.  Proteomics, 8: 508-520 (cover paper, highlighted in Currents: Journal of Proteome Research, 7:1371), 2008.

15.Liang J, Ke GF, You WJ, Peng Z, Lan J, Kalesse M, Tartakoff AM, Kaplan F, Tao T.  Interaction between importin 13 and myopodin suggests a nuclear import pathway for myopodin. Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, 307: 93-100, 2008.

16.Wang YP, Liang L, Han BC, Quan Y, Wang X, Tao T,  Ji ZL. GEPS: the Gene Expression Pattern Scanner. Nucleic Acids Research, 34: W472-W497, 2006