State Key Laboratory of Cellular Stress Biology,Xiamen University
JiaHuai HAN
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JiaHuai HAN, Ph.D.

Professor, Academician of Chinese 

Academy of Sciences.

Tel: +86-592-2189390




1982, B.Sc.,Peking University;

1985, M.Sc.,Peking University;

1990, Ph.D., University Libre de Bruxelles;

Professional Experience

1987-1992, Research Fellow, Department of Internal Medicine and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas;1992-1993, Research Associate, Department of Immunology, The Scripps Research Institute;

1993-1996, Assistant Member, Department of Immunology, The Scripps Research Institute;

1996-2004, Associate Professor, Department of Immunology, The Scripps Research Institute;

2004-2011, Professor, Department of Immunology, The Scripps Research Institute;

2002-2007, Adj. Professor, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University;

2007-Present, Professor, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University.

Research Area

Our research interests are the molecular mechanisms in stress responses including inflammation and inflammation related diseases. Specifically, we are interested in:

1. The relationship between stress responses and cell differentiation, senescence and death.

2. The relationship between stress responses and malignancy.

3. The relationship between stress responses and metabolic pathways.

4. The functions of stress response pathways in septic shock, atherosclerosis, colitis and other inflammation related disease.

Selected Publications


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