State Key Laboratory of Cellular Stress Biology,Xiamen University
2016 selected publications
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1. G.D. Ye, G.B. Sun, P. Jiao, C. Chen, Q.F. Liu, X.L. Huang, R. Zhang, W.Y. Cai, S.N. Li, J.F. Wu, Y.J. Liu, R.S. Wu, Y.Y. Xie, E.C. Chan, Y.C. Liou, and B.A. Li*. OVOL2, an Inhibitor of WNT Signaling, Reduces Invasive Activities of Human and Mouse Cancer Cells and Is Down-regulated in Human Colorectal Tumors. Gastroenterology. 150:659-671 e616 (2016).  IF: 18.187
 2. C.S. Zhangand S.C. Lin*. AMPK Promotes Autophagy by Facilitating Mitochondrial Fission. Cell metabolism. 23:399-401 (2016). 
IF: 17.303
 3. C.S. Zhang, M. Li, T. Ma, Y. Zong, J. Cui, J.W. Feng, Y.Q. Wu, S.Y. Lin, and S.C. Lin*. Metformin Activates AMPK through the Lysosomal Pathway. Cell metabolism. 24:521-522 (2016). 
IF: 17.303
 4. F. Fan, Z. He, L.L. Kong, Q. Chen, Q. Yuan, S. Zhang, J. Ye, H. Liu, X. Sun, J. Geng, L. Yuan, L. Hong, C. Xiao, W. Zhang, X. Sun, Y. Li, P. Wang, L. Huang, X. Wu, Z. Ji, Q. Wu, N.S. Xia, N.S. Gray, L. Chen, C.H. Yun, X. Deng*, and D. Zhou*. Pharmacological targeting of kinases MST1 and MST2 augments tissue repair and regeneration. Science translational medicine. 8:352ra108 (2016). 
IF: 16.264
 5. X. Chen, W.T. He, L. Hu, J. Li, Y. Fang, X. Wang, X. Xu, Z. Wang, K. Huang, and J. Han*. Pyroptosis is driven by non-selective gasdermin-D pore and its morphology is different from MLKL channel-mediated necroptosis. Cell research. 26:1007-1020 (2016). 
IF: 14.812
 6. Y. Zhangand J. Han*. Electrophysiologist shows a cation channel function of MLKL. Cell research. 26:643-644 (2016). 
IF: 14.812
 7. T.Y. Li, Y. Sun, Y. Liang, Q. Liu, Y. Shi, C.S. Zhang, C. Zhang, L. Song, P. Zhang, X. Zhang, X. Li, T. Chen, H.Y. Huang, X. He, Y. Wang, Y.Q. Wu, S. Chen, M. Jiang, C. Chen, C. Xie, J.Y. Yang, Y. Lin, S. Zhao, Z. Ye, S.Y. Lin, D.T. Chiu, and S.C. Lin*. ULK1/2 Constitute a Bifurcate Node Controlling Glucose Metabolic Fluxes in Addition to Autophagy. Molecular cell. 62:359-370 (2016). 
IF: 13.958
 8. L. Guan, L. Zhang, Z. Gong, X. Hou, Y. Xu, X. Feng, H. Wang, and H. You*. FoxO3 inactivation promotes human cholangiocarcinoma tumorigenesis and chemoresistance through Keap1-Nrf2 signaling. Hepatology. 63:1914-1927 (2016). 
IF: 11.711
 9. W.H. Liu*, S.G. Kang, Z. Huang, C.J. Wu, H.Y. Jin, C.J. Maine, Y. Liu, J. Shepherd, M. Sabouri-Ghomi, A. Gonzalez-Martin, S. Xu, A. Hoffmann, Y. Zheng, L.F. Lu, N. Xiao, G. Fu*, and C. Xiao*. A miR-155-Peli1-c-Rel pathway controls the generation and function of T follicular helper cells. The Journal of experimental medicine. 213:1901-1919 (2016). 
IF: 11.24
 10. X. Lu, X. Zhu, Y. Li, M. Liu, B. Yu, Y. Wang, M. Rao, H. Yang, K. Zhou, Y. Wang, Y. Chen, M. Chen, S. Zhuang, L.F. Chen*, R. Liu*, and R. Chen*. Multiple P-TEFbs cooperatively regulate the release of promoter-proximally paused RNA polymerase II. Nucleic acids research. 44:6853-6867 (2016). 
IF: 9.202
 11. Y. Zhang, C. Wen, S. Liu, L. Zheng, B. Shen, and Y. Tao*. Shade avoidance 6 encodes an Arabidopsis flap endonuclease required for maintenance of genome integrity and development. Nucleic acids research. 44:1271-1284 (2016). 
IF: 9.202
 12. Z. Li, Q. Hao, J. Luo, J. Xiong, S. Zhang, T. Wang, L. Bai, W. Wang, M. Chen, W. Wang, L. Gu, K. Lv, and J. Chen*. USP4 inhibits p53 and NF-kappaB through deubiquitinating and stabilizing HDAC2. Oncogene. 35:2902-2912 (2016). 
IF: 7.932
 13. Z. Wang, S. Xiong, Y. Mao, M. Chen, X. Ma, X. Zhou, Z. Ma, F. Liu, Z. Huang, Q. Luo, and G. Ouyang*. Periostin promotes immunosuppressive premetastatic niche formation to facilitate breast tumour metastasis. The Journal of pathology. 239:484-495 (2016). 
IF: 7.381
 14. Qian, CZ; Mao, WW; Liu, Y; Ren, H; Lau, OS; Ouyang, XH; Huang, X*. Dual-Source Nuclear Monomers of UV-B Light Receptor Direct Photomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant. 9:1671-1674 (2016).  
IF: 7.142

15.S. Chen, Y. Kang, Y. Sun, Y. Zhong, Y. Li, L. Deng, J. Tao, Y. Li, Y. Tian, Y. Zhao, J. Cheng, W. Liu, G.S. Feng, and Z. Lu*. Deletion of Gab2 in mice protects against hepatic steatosis and steatohepatitis: a novel therapeutic target for fatty liver disease. Journal of molecular cell biology. 8:492-504 (2016).  IF: 6.459
 16. H. Ma, J.S. Pan*, L.X. Jin, J. Wu, Y.D. Ren, P. Chen, C. Xiao*, and J. Han*. MicroRNA-17~92 inhibits colorectal cancer progression by targeting angiogenesis. Cancer letters. 376:293-302 (2016). 
IF: 5.992
 17. J. Hou, T. Wang, Q. Xie, W. Deng, J.Y. Yang, S.Q. Zhang*, and J.C. Cai*. N-Myc-interacting protein (NMI) negatively regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition by inhibiting the acetylation of NF-kappaB/p65. Cancer letters. 376:22-33 (2016). 
IF: 5.992

18. Ou, ZM; Sun, YX; Lin, L; You, NC; Liu, X; Li, HC; Ma, YC; Cao, L; Han, Y; Liu, M; Deng, YQ; Yao, LM; Lu, QR; Chen, Y*. Olig2-Targeted G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Gpr17 Regulates Oligodendrocyte Survival in Response to Lysolecithin-Induced Demyelination. Journal of Neuroscience.36:10560-10573. IF: 5.924
 19. X.M. Zhao, Z. Chen, J.B. Zhao, P.P. Zhang, Y.F. Pu, S.H. Jiang, J.J. Hou, Y.M. Cui, X.L. Jia, and S.Q. Zhang*. Hsp90 modulates the stability of MLKL and is required for TNF-induced necroptosis. Cell death & disease. 7:e2089 (2016). 
IF: 5.378
 20. Y. Qin, J. Pan, M. Cai, L. Yao, and Z. Ji*. Pattern Genes Suggest Functional Connectivity of Organs. Scientific reports. 6:26501 (2016). 
IF: 5.228
 21. L. Huang, Z. Xi, C. Wang, Y. Zhang, Z. Yang, S. Zhang, Y. Chen, and Z. Zuo*. Phenanthrene exposure induces cardiac hypertrophy via reducing miR-133a expression by DNA methylation. Scientific reports. 6:20105 (2016). 
IF: 5.228
 22. C. Wu, L. Zhang, P. Li, Q. Cai, X. Peng, K. Yin, X. Chen, H. Ren, S. Zhong, Y. Weng, Y. Guan, S. Chen, J. Wu*, J. Li*, and T. Lin*. Fragment-wise design of inhibitors to 3C proteinase from enterovirus 71. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1860:1299-1307 (2016). 
IF: 5.083
 23. Q. Liu, Z. Cheng, L. Luo, Y. Yang, Z. Zhang, H. Ma, T. Chen, X. Huang, S.Y. Lin, M. Jin, Q. Li*, and X. Li*. C-terminus of MUC16 activates Wnt signaling pathway through its interaction with beta-catenin to promote tumorigenesis and metastasis. Oncotarget. 7:36800-36813 (2016). 
IF: 5.008
 24. M. Li, W. Wang, Y. Dan, Z. Tong, W. Chen, L. Qin, K. Liu, W. Li, P. Mo*, and C. Yu*. Downregulation of amplified in breast cancer 1 contributes to the anti-tumor effects of sorafenib on human hepatocellular carcinoma. Oncotarget. 7:29605-29619 (2016). 
IF: 5.008
 25. C. Fan, Y. Lin, Y. Mao, Z. Huang, A.Y. Liu, H. Ma, D. Yu, A. Maitikabili, H. Xiao, C. Zhang, F. Liu, Q. Luo, and G. Ouyang*. MicroRNA-543 suppresses colorectal cancer growth and metastasis by targeting KRAS, MTA1 and HMGA2. Oncotarget. 7:21825-21839 (2016). 
IF: 5.008